Is it okay to buy meat from overseas?

Absolutely, why ever not!

Just because something is bought locally does not necessarily make it more sustainable.

Our livestock graze all year round and eat what grows on the vast farms: fresh and healthy grass and herbs. This makes them resilient and the meat is of a consistently high quality. In Germany, animals often spend the winter in heated barns and, in the worst case, are fed concentrated feed made of imported soya beans. The consumer therefore buys a regional product that has been fattened with feed from overseas. This rearing method requires high water consumption and often necessitates regular medication.
Our livestock, on the other hand, eat feed that is grown locally on the farm.

Apart from the rearing of the animals, the transport routes are of great importance for a positive climate balance. Concentrated feed from overseas means higher transport costs!

Therefore, we must consider all factors of production. Once again, meat from overseas is ahead in terms of climate friendliness.

Last but not least, as a responsible consumer, you ought to contribute to save the world climate. Like doing your shopping on foot or by bike. After all, even travelling to the supermarket by car can tip the balance of CO2 emissions.

So, if you buy a nice cut of ASHLEY lamb or a nice entrecote from ALEXANDER EYCKELER Argentine Beef on a bracing walk during your lunch break, nothing stands in the way of an enjoyable evening after work!

Bon appétit!


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