Selection Alexander Eyckeler Irish Beef - finest taste!

The best premium quality beef comes from the lush, green pastures found in the virtually unspoilt nature of Ireland.
The hassle-free and natural rearing of the herds on gentle, grassy hills guarantees the consumer the consistent quality of our premium beef.

The cherry on top in terms of unique flavour is certainly the slight saltiness of the pasture grass, since the sea is very close by. Our use of state-of-the-art packaging systems allows our Irish beef to develop its full flavour and retain its juices. This allows the consumer to enjoy the farm-fresh products from Alexander Eyckeler GmbH - you can savour the nature of Ireland!

Our Cuts

Irland Beef - Selection Alexander Eyckeler

Entrecote / Rib Eye
Heart of rump
Ox cheeks
Cote de Boeuf
Cap of rump
Shoulder clod
Brisket boneless
Chuk tender
Chuck tenderloin
Leg round cuts
Leg goulash
T-bone steak
Tomahawk steak
Flank steak

Selection Alexander Eyckeler Irish Beef - finest taste!

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