The "Farm-Gate“ makes the difference

We are often asked why you might want to buy Ashley Farm venison from New Zealand rather than wild venison from Europe. For us, venison from New Zealand is not a competing product, but rather an alternative.
New Zealand farm venison does indeed have some advantages. Due to the mild South Pacific climate, there is an abundance of fresh grass and herbs on the menu all year round.

This makes the meat quality very mild and consistent in flavour - extremely important, especially in gastronomy. The livestock live on vast areas with a feeling of freedom and are only protected from harmful influences by fences.
Even the climate footprint is impressive, as the fresh, vacuum-packed cuts are transported by sea with low CO2 emissions and the meat is perfectly aged during this time. The processes and routes in New Zealand are now so energy-efficient that the carbon footprint of an imported Ashley Farm Venison product can certainly be lower than that from local production.
So, no matter which venison ends up on your plate in the future: Ashley Farm Venison appeals to you AND the environment!

Our Cuts

Fresh venison from New Zealand
Leg muscles boneless
Boneless roast netted
Boneless loin
Carré /Frenched rack

Frozen venison from New Zealand
Roll roast
Saddle complete
Boneless loin
Leg bone in
Leg boneless
Carré / Frenched rack
Leg muscles boneless


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