ALEXANDER EYCKELER Argentine Beef - con mucho gusto.

Our meat comes directly from Argentina, the country synonymous with the rearing and processing of healthy and natural steak meat unlike any other.
The livestock roam every day in ideal climatic conditions on seemingly endless pastures and breathe clean air.
They only eat juicy grass without additives and, above all, no hormones are administered - 100% natural rearing.
These factors make our steak so tender, healthy, and palatable - a pure delight!
And to make sure it stays that way we have an office with our own employees in Argentina. They are constantly in close contact with selected breeders and production sites, monitor all stages from the pasture to the ship and thus guarantee us and you consistently outstanding quality.

Our Cuts

Argentine Beef - Selection Alexander Eyckeler

Entrecote / Rib Eye
Heart of rump
Bottom sirloin flap / Tri-tip
Cap of rump / Picanha

ALEXANDER EYCKELER Argentine Beef - con mucho gusto.

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